Valcom® for Marine Industry

A comprehensive range of sensors and systems manufactured by Valcom® offers the possibility to choose high quality products, even supported by leading digital technologies, suitable for installations on all ships including tankers, bulkarians, navy, floating docks and off-shore applications.

For ballast and service tanks, a wide selection of sensors is available, also for submersible installations as well as bubbling type systems, composed by a row of sensors mounted on a DIN rail complete with pressure regulators for constant bubbling flow (PR3).

Our Products for this Application

Marine Industry

Level sensors used in Water Ingress Alarm System named “WISE” and in high and overfill alarm systems named “STHOP” are realized utilizing the principle of ultrasonic waves distributed into a metal rod. A pure static sensor, with no vibrating parts and no optical components, withstand a temperature ranging from -200°C up to +300°C and pressures from -1 bar up to 400 bar. These sensors have proved to be extremely robust complying and even exceeding all test requested by IACS, IMO and SOLAS regulations for installation on bulkarians. Easiness of installation is a peculiarity of these instruments, as well as the self-cleaning construction, the possibility to have local or remote surveying test and the fact that no filter is needed.

A wide range of pressure sensors is produced by Valcom® since many years; cargo-tanks inert-gas pressure, vapours line pressure, cargo line manifold pressure, ballast pump, line pressure, draft measurements and Oil Mist Detectors are some applications examples of our instruments.

Our products for Marine Industry

Decades of experience escorted by continuous efforts in researching and developing innovative solutions, make Valcom® the ideal partner as supplier of measurement and control equipment for industrial applications.

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