Valcom® for Food & Beverage Industry

The main features that field instrumentation dedicated to the production processes in the food & beverage sector, spin around the sphere which includes guarantees of security and reliability, which indirectly has a significant impact on the final consumer.

The compatibility of mechanical materials, combined with the correct choice of synthetic oils filling the sensors inherent in the detection and measurement of process variables, are logical and trivial arguments, but nevertheless we often have to deal with, especially in this period where competitiveness has become dangerously aggressive, at the expense of product quality and application compatibility.

Our Products for this Application

Food & Beverage

A suitable product for the application, however, we know it is not enough to grant reliability and proper functioning over time of field instrumentation; it is necessary to provide for sanitary process connections, which allow a suitable cleaning of the wetted parts in contact with the process, a proper evaluation of the measurement parameters (pressure and temperature), appropriate information on the viscosity and the specific weight of the fluid, in order to obtain a correct measure and satisfactory for the process.

For this type of applications Valcom® proposes specific process connections, typically din nut and triclamp (or for specific measurement positions in flanged and threaded versions, also with PTFE coating and diaphragms in HC, Tantalum, Titanium, or other materials on request). The response time is then crucial to the interruption or the activation of stages of near real-time process, for which the analog instrumentation still a good basin of use.

Our products for Food & Beverage Industry

Decades of experience escorted by continuous efforts in researching and developing innovative solutions, make Valcom® the ideal partner as supplier of measurement and control equipment for industrial applications.

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