Valcom® for Drilling Industry

We are able to offer new solutions  by innovating conventional well known meters with updated algorithms tested in real conditions, which bring to higher efficiency and enhanced performances to monitor each single well in real time in order to optimize the well and reservoir productions.

The Oil & Gas industry is faced to one of the most great challenges of the century: becomes sustainable. How to achieve this goal? Through measuring and controlling its process and preventing any possible unsafe event. Valcom®, in cooperation with different University departments in Italy and abroad, is offering a large number of solutions to control the measurement in all possible conditions.

Our Products for this Application


Reliable multiphase flowmeters, due to complexity of the fluid flow, need an improved measurement concept. Multiphase flow or different mud types as oil based or water based, as well as the presence of fillers, additives, cuttings, vibrations and other issues have to be considered when selecting a suitable flow meter.

Valcom® guarantees the expertise to solve this challenge.

Our products for Drilling Industry

Decades of experience escorted by continuous efforts in researching and developing innovative solutions, make Valcom® the ideal partner as supplier of measurement and control equipment for industrial applications.

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