Valcom® for Chemical Industry

For the chemical and pharmaceutical industry Valcom® offers a full range of electronic and pneumatic transmitters for pressure, level, vacuum, Δp and signal converters that cover ranges from 3 mbar to 1000 bar with output 4-20 mA, HART ® communication protocol and with integrated or remote electronics.

The fully stainless steel construction of the housing makes them particularly suitable for installation in environments with aggressive atmospheres, allowing the measurement of gauge pressure, absolute or barometric in a measuring range of from 100 mbar to 1000 bar; the realization of fluid separators can be ended instead of AISI316, special and gold-plated alloys in order to allow applications of corrosive fluids.

Our Products for this Application

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

The instruments are ATEX intrinsically safe certified for use in applications in hazardous areas, and for the measurement of pressure or level there are countless variety of connections: threaded or flanged, even with PTFE coating and diaphragms in Hastelloy B and C , Titanium, Tantalum, and others.

Our products for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Decades of experience escorted by continuous efforts in researching and developing innovative solutions, make Valcom® the ideal partner as supplier of measurement and control equipment for industrial applications.

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