T7C Series

T7C series includes electronic pulp consistency transmitters with 4 ÷ 20 mA output and HART® digital communication protocol.

The operation principle consist by detecting the shear force caused by the interaction between blade sensor and fibers \ fillers contained into the pulp.

According to the type of pulp flowing into the pipe (waste paper, short or long fiber cellulose), fillers types and content, the output signal, proportional to shear force, will change and the results will set the measuring span.

Configurations and adjustments can be made by means of push buttons and display or remotely using HART® protocol compatible communicators.

The transmitters are intended for direct mounting on pipe.


Additional Information



Measure Principle


Measuring Range

1.50 ÷ 12 % CS

Process Connection

Terminal blocks ISO 2852 3B

Process Temperature

+5 ÷ +90°C

Accuracy Class

< ± 0.5 % FS (Linearity of force measurement)

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