T7S Series

T7S series are Smart electronic transmitters with 4 ÷ 20 mA output and HART® digital communication protocol.

Sensors are always calibrated individually together with their own seal. These transmitters allow the measurement of specific gravity of fluids as liquids or cement slurry.

The instrument gives the specific gravity value of the product by measuring the static differential pressure between the two seals (Δp)and applying the formula ρ=Δp/d where “ρ” is the specific gravity, “Δp” is the differential pressure and “d” is the distance between the two seals.

Configurations and adjustments can be made locally by means of push buttons and display or remotely using HART® protocol compatible communicators.

A bracket for wall or for 2” stand pipe mounting is also supplied.


  • Specific gravity measurement;
  • Installation on chemical, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, alimentary, marine plants etc;
  • Installation in areas with persistence of potentially explosive mixtures.

Additional Information



Measure Principle


Measuring Range

0…250 g/l
0…3000 g/l

Process Connection

Cage with holes

Process Temperature

Standard: -10 ÷ +130°C

Accuracy Class

± 5 g/l for span of 1000 g/l

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