KRG Series

KRG series includes radar level transmitters. Using 26GHz microwaves†, the liquid reflect them back to the instrument. The travel time, proportional to the distance between the surface and the gauge, is processed by instrument electronic generating output signal.
KRG instrument works in a non-contact and a non-mechanical way so:

  • It has a least request of maintenance for long term;
  • It can’t be damaged by the process liquid;
  • It has a long durability;


KRG Series can be used for:

  • Tank level measurement;
  • Natural and artificial basins level measurement;
  • Level measurement for aggressives fluids;
  • Fire protection system monitoring;
  • Flow-rate for open channels;

Our technical office is at your disposal for special applications.

Additional Information


Level Continuous

Measure Principle


Measuring Range

0 ÷ 30 m

Process Connection

DN 2″ Flange
DN 80 Flange
Other on request

Process Temperature

Cone and Rod Antenna: -40 ÷ +150 °C
PTFE Antenna: -40 ÷ + 200 °C

Accuracy Class

± 2 mm
± 3 mm

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