JBX Series

JBX series includes IP68 Junction boxes with reference to atmosphere and Gore protection filter. Commonly used in general industrial applications and in water industry, they are a very useful instrument in design & project layout, as well as field installation, because they allow a better standardization of the “to be installed” instruments cables length. This effectively impact on installation costs and allow, in the time, a more manageable instrumentation maintenance.


JBX junction boxes are used in general and water industry for the junction and connection between instruments and acquisition systems Our technical office is at your disposal for special applications.


  • 4 PG9 Cable Glands
  • Protection rating: IP68 (for non-atmospheric vented applications)
  • Protection rating: IP54 (for atmospheric vented applications)
  • Dimensions: L=108 H=65 W=28
  • Approx Weight: 75g
  • Junction Box material: PA66 UL94 W2 GWT 850°
  • Rubbers material: SEBS –TPE V
  • Operating Temperature: -20/+125°C
  • 2 Holes for wall mounting Ø3.1mm c-to-c distance mm 86.5
  • CE Marking

Additional Information



Measure Principle

Not Applicable

Measuring Range

Not Applicable

Process Temperature

-20 ÷ +125°C

Accuracy Class

Not Applicable

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